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Vermont Cheddar Cheese Curds 4

Served with lightly toasted sourdough

Ricotta Plate 4

Served with raw honey, crackers, and candied pecans

Pretzel and Bier Cheese 6

A hot Sigmund’s pretzel served with delicious housemade bier cheese and mustard

Small Cheese Plate 7

3 of our favorites

Large Cheese Plate 12

5 of our favorites

Meat Plate 12

4 of our favorites

The Works 22

Large cheese plate plus meat plate

Bier and Cheese Pairing Plate 18

4 cheeses paired wonderfully with 4 beers

Pickle Plate 6

A selection of five artisanal pickles

Brie Plate 10

Wedge of warm Brie Fermier with fig jam. Served with sliced apple, crackers and candied pecans. The perfect plate to share with your friend


Strawberry Feta Salad 9

Arugula, red onion, crumbled feta and chopped walnuts topped with a tart strawberry vinaigrette / Add crispy prosciutto $2

Phat Beet Salad 9

Arugula, pickled beets, shredded carrot and candied pecans topped with a beet balsamic vinaigrette / Add crispy prosciutto $2


Trio 8

The perfect combination of fresh mozzarella, raclette, and cheddar. Add bacon to make it even more perfect $2.50

Veggie Philly “Cheesesteak” 10

Sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and onions on a crunchy baguette topped with our melty housemade cheese sauce. Add chopped bacon $2.50

Porchetta Cubano 11

Porchetta and Smoking Goose Capocollo pressed on a baguette with raclette, spiced dijon mustard and pickles

Truffle Shuffle 13

Truffle Gouda, fresh mozzarella, and a touch of raw honey. Grilled on sourdough. Sweet, simple, delicious

B.L.T. 9

Our take on the classic with Smoking Goose jowl bacon and spicy chipotle mayo. Add avocado $1

Bacon Bánh Mi 10

Black pepper pate, jowl bacon, cilantro, mayo, and veggies on a crunchy baguette. Make it mild or spicy

Jamón Serrano 9

Cave-aged Gruyère, roasted tomatoes, and serrano ham on a crunchy baguette

Mr. Crispy 10

Pastured ham and cave-aged Gruyere with honey mustard on oat-pecan bread. Coated in a crispy Parmigiano crust

Fuso Italiano 9

Melted mozzarella over fresh tomatoes, basil and prosciutto. Drizzled with balsamic reduction and served on a crunchy baguette

Spaniard 9

Serrano ham, manchego, piquillos, sherry vinaigrette on a crunchy baguette

Ham and Brie Pretzelwich 9

Pastured ham, salame rosa and brie with cornichons and a raspberry jalapeno mustard spread. Served on a warm pretzel bun


Strawberry Chevre Mousse 6

Topped with dark chocolate ricotta and a sweet balsamic reduction. Try it paired with a stout!



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